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Arc Artist Management

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Arc Artist Management


We Represent: Actors

Arc Artist Management is a vibrant boutique agency operating in the greater Gauteng area that offers professional representation to actors across a number of platforms including film, television (commercial, series, etc.), voice as well as stage, for both local and international productions.

Our intention is to create an environment which has the artists interests at its core and serves as a platform where constructive assistance is offered to aid the individual development of each artist on our books. We are enormously excited to help our artists grow and to enhance their skills, level of professionalism and a host of other facets that are valued in the industry, all the while giving them the representation that they truly deserve.

We assist our artists with the establishment and development of their personal brand by arranging professional head shots, producing Hollywood worthy show reels and demo reels, and helping them to increase their presence on social media. In addition, from time to time, we will host workshops (covering topics from specialised performance skills to tax for artists), events, and showcases.

As a boutique agency, we ensure that each artist is given the personal attention they deserve and that nobody is lost in the “system”.

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Further Information

Arc Artist Management is a member of The Official South African Casting Association of South Africa (OSCASA) and our team members are part of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA). This means that we are on top of all the latest developments,




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