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The Actor’s CV/Bio



Three critical things to remember when crafting your CV, or résumé as it’s called elsewhere:



Sounds simple I know, but trust me I have seen many CVs that completely miss these key points.


So to the first part. Don’t lie, it speaks volumes as to your integrity in the business.  If you are starting out in the business and don’t have much to put on your CV, relax. It’s meant to be empty, your career has only just begun. Lying on a CV not only screams a lack of self-confidence, it’s also highly unethical and illegal. The person reading your CV will make assumptions based on what they read, and if you say you are a trained Shakespearian actor, they might put you forward for such a role, and it will all end in embarrassment and tears.  The Bard has a nasty habit of doing that. If you can’t ride a horse, don’t say you can - they’ll know when you arrive on set and try and mount the mule in the corner. If you can’t sing and dance, DON’T get sent for a musical audition - they will eat you alive, and your reputation will be tarnished before you’ve even started.


If you were an extra in a movie, don’t say you were a lead.  Chances are they’ll ask for your show reel, and not a chance in hell was “one legged pirate with a cough” a lead in any movie.


So, if your CV is a little light on professional work, be sure to detail the various productions you were in at varsity, and the specific classes you took.  Remember it’s a work in progress. List any classes you are currently taking and of course any skills you may have like juggling, sword fighting, stunt courses you may have done etc.


The format of the CV is where you get smart.



If you’re lucky enough to have enough credits in both the Film/TV Genre and the theatre, I have found it useful to have a film version of my CV and a theatre version.

Please see the various formats attached to this section to use as a reference.


4.1. The well-worded Bio


In the South African entertainment industry, a well worded “bio” will serve you incredibly well. I have three versions, and each is used depending on the requirements.




An example of a theatre bio:


Xxxxx’s professional acting career began on a Thursday.  Stage highlights include Oklahoma, The King and I, Boogie Nights (international tour), That’ll be the Day (Naledi nomination), Britney Spears in the smash hit We Will Rock You, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet at Maynardville, Cape Town, Bryan Cohen in Mike van Graan’s Brother's in Blood  at the Market Theatre, Khalushi at the State Theatre and, most recently, Bill Austin in Mamma Mia.


Xxxxx’s TV credits include the long-suffering Dr. Braydon in Generations, Rhythm City, The Lab, Jacob’s Cross and Egoli, playing the lecherous Howard, and has appeared in over 20 commercials and quite a few movies! A career highlight was Invictus for Warner Bros. directed by Clint Eastwood. “I felt lucky punk!”

Xxxx is a prolific voice artist, and his production company GreyGuyBlonde continues to grow from strength to strength.


Xxxxx also does extensive MC work for various corporates, most notably hosting, MC’ing and facilitating the Coca Cola Africa Marketing Convention at Wanderers for two weeks. Most recently Xxxxx headed up the Cell C Press Days during the Hummer/Cell C ride and drive days.  Other clients include MTN, Vodacom, Sanlam…the list goes on.


Xxxxx’s directing credits include two nationwide educational theatre productions for Arepp Theatre for Life.  Industrial theatre directing has included nationwide tours for Pfizer, Clover, MTN and Transnet.  Xxxxx was also the producer and director for the Volkswagen Grand Prix Awards for three consecutive years, a gala event for over 2000 guests at Sun City.



An example of a corporate Bio:


Xxxxxx is a sought after MC and compere for major corporate functions across South Africa.  Xxxxx is instantly recognisable to Generations fans as the sometimes bad, always good Dr. Braydan, a role which he played for three years.  Other “soapie” appearances include Isidingo, Rhythm City, and more recently as Jeff Took in The Lab; the lecherous Howard in the final three months of Egoli and Detective Louw in Jacob’s Cross. (See CV for extensive movie listings)


Xxxxx is also a multi award winning theatre performer and played, amongst others, Britney Spears in the international smash hit We Will Rock You for which he was nominated for a Naledi Award. Most recently he was seen as Bill Austin in Mamma Mia for which he also received a Naledi nomination. (See CV for extensive listings)


As a voice artist he is constantly in demand and is probably best known as the voice of Vodacom and The Super 14.


As an MC his long list of clients include most notably Cell C, Vodacom, Barloworld, Coca Cola, BHP Billiton, Nokia and Coca Cola where he hosted the Africa Marketing summit at Wanderers for 2 weeks.  As an MC is where Xxxxxxx truly excels.  His many years as an improv comedy performer make thinking on his feet a walk in the proverbial park, and his ability to sing, makes him one of the most versatile MCs working today.


Xxxxxxx is also the Director of GreyGuyBlonde, a creative agency specialising in the creation of tailor made shows and events across the country.  Major clients include Volkswagen, Philips and Ebucks, to name but a few.