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The Actor’s CV/Bio

Three critical things to remember when crafting your CV, or résumé as it’s called elsewhere:

  • •Be truthful - trust me, you’ll get found out if you lie
  • •Be smart
  • •Word it well

Sounds simple I know, but trust me I have seen many CVs that completely miss these key points...



Making the change from student to working professional

So, you’ve graduated from a tertiary acting institution, or you decided to skip the training and jump straight into the professional ranks. Now what? Well, the biggest challenge will be in applying what you learnt in a classroom setting, to the real business of acting. Bridging that chasm is key to surviving as a freelance performer. In this author’s opinion, the most important factor is holding on to the passion you have as a student, and never letting it go...

Aurelie Stratton

Aurelie Stratton


“We cannot stress the importance of a headshot enough, it is the only way a casting director is going to consider you for a role before they have met you.” – Stella Adler 2014

As Actors we all need to have an up to date CV, a Voice Reel, a Show Reel and a recent Headshot. In the United States and the UK, the industry standard is to update your headshot every two years. Some actors change their shot once a year in order

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