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Where it came from

The idea for Castseekers began when David de Beer returned from the UK and discovered there was no website like it in South Africa. However, before he could make the idea a reality he first had to learn how to program. Now, a few years later, Castseekers is finally, mostly, ready... I say mostly because, as with all great ideas, Castseekers will continue to evolve and will probably always be a work in progress.


Castseekers is the online casting solution for professional actors, agents and casting professionals in South Africa.

We seek to provide a simple yet effective service for promoting, sourcing and auditioning actors within the South African Film, Television and Theatre industries.

What it is

What is Castseekers? Well, first and foremost Castseekers is not an agent, and will never be an agent. Performers can register on Castseekers, promote themselves and even find out about open auditions. Castseekers cannot - and will not - sign contracts, negotiate rates, accept payments, make payments, or in any way take on the role of agent on behalf of a performer other than to provide a platform for performers to promote themselves. This is one of the reasons that Castseekers recommends that performers register their agent's contact details on their profiles.

David de Beer

David de Beer has been a professional actor since finishing his degree in 2004, he has performed in the UK and all over South Africa. Unfortunately his natural singing voice, which brings to mind a cat's choir, has meant that his theatre work in South Africa has been relegated to the corporate rather than commercial sector. He has had minor roles on various soaps, done a variety of commercials and generally done whatever it takes to keep eating as an actor. Castseekers is his attempt to help put the right people in touch with each other so that he, and performers like him, can keep eating on a semi-regular basis.