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CastSeekers is an online casting solution for professional actors, agents, and casting professionals in South Africa.

CastSeekers provides a promotional platform to South African actors allowing them to showcase their talent with video and voice clips to casting directors and other potential employers. Actors can show a selection of photographs from their portfolio on their profile. The fully searchable CV function means that once actors have uploaded the details of their CV to their profile, casting directors are able to find them by their previous acting work.

Bronze membership is free for all Actors, Agents and Casting Professionals. Silver and Gold membership options are available to actors looking to post additional pictures, voice and video clips and increase their online presence. A bronze membership entitltes an actor to one voice clip, one video clip and one picture on their profile.

Jobs & Auditions

Do you need an actor? Maybe you should try using us...
Post your Audition and get some actors

Do you need actors for a short film, corporate theatre or live event? Posting auditions is free, and easy to do. You can restrict access to your auditions with simple to use controls or by inviting only selected actors and/or agents to view the audition.

We also provide a classified advertising section where you can advertise your servises to actors, agents and directors.